What we are about?

We are a fledging company that are hoping to specialise in the bespoke development of creative and innovative silverlight and SharePoint controls  and applications. After many years in the software development field specialising in microsoft development, I decided I had enough expertise and knowledge coupled with a few ideas regards applications to create, its a bold step but one that we as a company are completely excited about.

So hopefully in the near future we will be using this site to showcase some of the Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) in production. In the meantime, read on to uncover more insights regards my personal software development history and the skillset (see skills) I am hoping to utilise to its fullest extent with my starter company. Please look out for new Silverlight Apps page to showcase these developments and in time also hoping to push these Silverlight RIA applications onto the Windows 7 phone platform. We are also going to be developing some easily customisable webparts more to aid and showcase what can be achieved with some imagination within SharePoint 2010, espcially with Silverlight in mind.

I have aquired over 3 years commercial experience of SharePoint 2007 and also recently obtained excellent commercial knowledge of the SharePoint 2010 platform, SharePoint Foundation and Visual Studio 2010.

I have also become a big fan and avid enthusiast of Silverlight in recent times, developing some data management xaml forms, for line of business usage. We really believe with the advent and new innovations of Silverlight 4 and near release of version 5 that there will be a boom in the growth and utilisation of these cool RIA presentation tools.

On a personal note I have over 12 years professional experience in software development, extensively in E-Commerce projects and browser based applications, with over 9 year’s commercial .NET development experience with C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net and TFS. And am hoping to take the Silverlight Certification exam in the near future.

This .Net development has exclusively been based upon Microsoft platforms and n-tier architectures including service oriented architectures and MVC, this is coupled with extensive SQL Server database development and exposure.